Movie Star

Well this week saw my, and my car’s, first foray into the world of acting.  A great friend of mine, Andre Renner and his partner in Recoil Films Sean J Vincent, are making a trailer for their next movie – ‘Their Law’.  Check out the full details at it’s going to be an awesome film.

What I discovered;

–          Filming is long winded and it takes a lot of time and effort to get just a few seconds of quality footage.

–          It was very cold waiting around between shots in a car park, and spending a couple of hours being shoved into a van and shot (repeatedly!) until about midnight in mid-January!

–          A lot of thought goes into shots / scenes to make sure everything from the layout and backgrounds to the lighting is spot on.

–          I had a great time, and am hoping to be involved in their future projects!

Overall, I had a great couple of evenings helping out, and met some great guys.

The only downside seems to have been that repeatedly locking and unlocking the car for a scene appears to have broken the central locking on the Exige, so it is currently stranded on the drive until I can get it fixed and unlock the doors!

When it is released please support this movie, it’s looking great and the guys are putting a lot of work into it.


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