SC Magazine Best Security team 2015 finalists

SC Magazine have recently announced the finalists for their 2015 awards.  Among them is our security team. We are shortlisted for the ‘Best Security Team’ award!


I don’t actually know how many teams entered, but fell strongly that we have a great team and have achieved some excellent work across our business this year.

The process involved us having to respond to various questions covering areas like how well we have got buy in for security at executive level and across the business and some key projects we have delivered.  We also received some excellent feedback from our CEO, CIO and CFO so this no doubt helped our cause and demonstrated how we have worked to get some strong executive buy in for security.

The full list of finalists can be found here;

I should likely also mention the guys at FireEye who suggested we should apply for this having worked closely with us and seen some of our achievements over the last year!

I’ll let you all know if we win, but I think this is a great achievement for our team and we have highlighted how security really can become an integral part of the business.