Book reviews / impressions

I read quite a lot of books relating to technology / architecture / security along with some about learning and motivation, presentation advice and popular science.  So I thought it might be of interest to some readers of this blog to see reviews and thoughts about books I have read, especially if they are in an area you have an interest in!

To aid the organisation of this blog I have added a new category ‘Book Reviews and Impressions’  look out for this if you’re interested in my thoughts on books you may want to read.

The reason I have called this category reviews and impressions is because some will be proper full reviews while others will likely be much shorter brief overviews / impressions of a given book.  I’ll freely admit to having stolen the impressions term from Richard Bejtlich who writes the Tao security blog along with some great books as he uses the review / impression distinction in a similar manner.

I’ll start by posting thoughts on a few books I have read recently, so these may not be 100% thorough as they are not books I am reading currently.  I’ll then continue the process by reviewing books as I read them.