Week of Monday 20072020

Getting back into the cold showers. Either having a cold shower, or 30 seconds to a minute cold at the end of a not shower. Certainly wakes me up and makes me feel good, but seemingly a lot of health benefits to this as well. Will keep it up for a while to see if I notice any benefits on top of the immediate ‘wake up’.

Managed another Squat PB – focus on your goals really does pay off!


30 minutes easy assault bike before breakfast – max heart rate 130-135 – recovery not work pace!


Superset Bench press and single arm kettlebell row.  Rows done unsupported – basically short lunge and lean forward keeping back tight – this works the lower back and core much better than when you lean on a bench or whatever.

Sets – 10@60kg bench press + 6*32kg rows each arm

7@80kg + 6*32kg rows each arm

5@100kg + 6*32kg rows each arm

5*5@104kg (Mira was using 24kg) + 6*32kg rows each arm after each set


20 minute pre breakfast jog

Easy day, felt tired.


Lunchtime – Assault bike Intervals. 5 mins warm up.  6 rounds 30s max effort, 90s slow.  5 mins cool down.  Ouch!

Evening – Shoulders – dumbbell press – 20@20kg, 20@30kg, 20@40kg, 18@50kg, 15@50kg

KB upright rows – 2*10@32kg KB (both hands), 2*10@16kg KB (each hand)

Side lat raises to finish – 3*20 – light but controlled

Pendulum lunges – new one for me 1*6 each lech with 16kg KB on the shoulder of β€˜moving’ leg.  3*6@40kg sandbag – leg burner and great for the core!


2*~30min bike rides.  Second 30 mins – nasal only breathing

Pull ups (palms facing away) – 5*10

Chin ups (palms facing towards) – 3*10


Mini yoga class with the podcast team (remote of course)

5*10 strict toes to bar

Pause deadlift – pause at a couple of inches off the ground – then complete the lift.

5*60,60,100kg 3*5@120kg

5*5 barbell row – tempe – 3 -1-3 (3 seconds up, pause, 2 down) @60kg


Rest day – 100% Daddy Daughter time πŸ™‚


Back squat – work up to a max single

Warm up – Kang squats @20 and 40kg.

Squats – 10@60, 5@80, 5@100, 3@115, 2@125, 2@135, 1@145, 1@155kg – PB πŸ™‚Β  need to work on posture a little – too upright on the way down and upper back rounded a bit on the way up.

Back off sets – 3*3 pause squats @120kg

Week of Monday 13072020

Pretty solid week with a decent amount of variety. Hit a longish grind on the Assault bike Wednesday, consistently at that pace where the heart rate keeps gradually heading up. Aiming to be at a pace you can maintain for a long period, but its pretty uncomfortable.

Still slowly improving the squats as well, had a realisation on Sunday, weights I used to grind out are now my speed back-off sets. It not just the headline numbers, its how well you can move weights as well, remember this when you’re assessing your progress!



30 min cycle – Nasal breathing only (lunchtime)

30 min cycle – β€˜normal’ breathing (lunchtime)


Shoulder press 1*5@60kg, 5*5@62.5kg

Plate round the worlds 2*12@10kg, 1*12@20kg

Plate raise and twist 2*12@10kg, 1*12@20kg

Lateral raises 3*10


Pull ups – 17-15-12-7-8-7 reps

Strict toes to bar 2*10

Kettle bell swings 120-50-40 24kg KB with a fat grip

Couple of walks


20KM Assault bike.  18+minutes heart rate >160bpm.  Aim was to get comfortable being uncomfortable so pace was hard but sustainable.

5*20 tempo press ups – slow down, pause, drive up


Barbell row – 3*10@40kg, 3*10@60kg, 3*7@70kg, 3*6@80kg, 6*5@85kg 

3 grips – wide, narrow, supinated – 3 sets = 1 set each grip.

Good mornings – 5@40kg, 5@50kg, 5@60kg, 3*5@65kg

3*20 cross body knee raises

3*10 leg raises

5*10 archer press ups


3 rounds;

20 burpees – 20 squats – 20 lunges – 20 press ups – 40 mountain climbers

1 min rest between rounds

2:23 – 2:18 – 1:55

5* 5 sumo deadlift + 5 deadlift @140kg


Rest day – 100% Daddy Daughter time πŸ™‚


Snuck in 5*20 dips at the park while the kids played.

Squats – work up to a heavy 12;

5 kang squats + 5 squats @20kg and @40kg

Squats – 10@60, 5@80, 5@100, 3@110, 3@120kg


Backoff sets – 3*5 for speed @110kg

It’s human nature

We spend a lot of time in the security industry complaining about stuff. Two of the top complaints that I see and hear are;

  • Why do people keep investing in shiny new ‘silver bullets’ when they have not yet achieved the above…

It’s easy to blame ‘the industry’ and ‘security teams’ for this. However while this may be true, we also need to recognise that it is human nature at play.

As is often the case – the security industry isn’t as special or unique as we like to think. It’s likely to become a theme, but I see so many parallels between the health and fitness industry and the security industry.

One the one side you have human nature and the seemingly ever increasing number of people looking for the quick fix.

This is fed by an industry that thrives on selling the magic pills and powders to get you in shape with little or no effort. Or the 20 minute ab workouts etc.

The outcome for consumers is millions of people not happy with themselves and not getting healthy despite spending their hard earned cash and following the advice from magazines and influencers.

The outcome from an industry standpoint is huge profits selling supplements, workouts and health advice that is mostly bullsh*t, while raking in the profits and keeping customers on the merry-go-round.

This is made worse by huge amounts of ‘peer pressure’ from social media and advertising etc making people believe they are not good enough if they don’t achieve the carefully curated and sometimes outright fake imagery in adverts and on social media.

In reality the solution is simple, but not easy. It you want to be fit, healthy and resilient, eat well, do the fitness… Consistently. Every week, every year.

Contrast this with the security industry.

On the consumer side we want immediate and easy results so are tempted by the latest shiny advertising stating how solution X will solve our problems. Our jobs are hard so it’s understandable people can be tempted by promises of an easy solution to securing our organisations.

On the industry side we have so many companies trying to sell the dream. Whether this be with products that frankly don’t work properly, or by completely mis-selling things that may be good once you have a high level of maturity, but are next to useless if deployed before all your fundamental security is in order.

We also have to realise that for most companies selling ‘security’, as with the fitness industry, they never want us to be ‘done’ or ‘satisfied’ as they need us to keep jumping on the next product bandwagon or the next Gartner magic quadrant.

This is again made worse by ‘peer pressure’ either from satisfied customers telling us how the solution fixed their issues, or from our own exec teams asking why we have not deployed solution X after they saw an advert in the FT or economist. That’s right, security firms are not adverse to advertising their solution to non security folk in the hope that will apply more pressure to security teams.

Again, as with your own health and fitness, the solution is relatively simple, but not at all easy.

Work with your teams and wider organisation to build foundational security. Do this consistently, with rigour day after day, year after year. This will get your organisation into a great place. Then if you want to, and your risk appetite requires it you can assess the shiny ‘advanced’ security magic to layer on top of your solid foundations.

So next time you’re tempted by a shiny new amazing security solution, don’t beat yourself up. But try to stay the course – assess what your organisation needs and ruthlessly focus on the fundamental / foundational security you need.


Foundations or Fundamentals. NOT Basics

A short one, but important.

We often talk about not doing the basics.

Organisations being breached due to failing to implement the basics.

We ask why have we still not get the basics sorted.

They are not basic.

The critical security things we need to always get right from patching to managing user rights should be considered the foundations of good security or the fundamental controls.

Without a strong foundation no security programme will deliver what is required.

While foundational, they should not be considered easy.

Take patching as an example. Ensuring a fully patched environment across 1000s or more servers, network devices, office devices, end points etc. without impacting availability and likely while liaising with many different teams. This is not as easy as it sounds when you just say ‘patch your environment’

So yes as an industry, and as organisations we must do better, but we must also recognise the size of the challenge and the focus required to achieve the goal. We must achieve foundational security across our organisations not just at a point in time, but consistently, efficiently and on an ongoing basis.

To achieve this we need to help our boards and leadership teams understand the scale of the issue, and the reasons why it is important. We must engage across our organisations to ensure secure processes are embedded across our teams.

Calling this basic doesn’t help people understand it is anything but.


Week of Monday 06072020

Was feeling a bit battered this week so lighter week in terms of volume to allow me to recover. Ended the week with a solid 5 rep max PB on the squat so doing something right!

Sometimes even when you want to hit it hard you have to listen to your body and rest / ease back slightly. Your body will thank you in the long run, and your progress will actually be quicker – rest and some progress is WAY faster than injury and going backwards.

Consistency. Resilience. Progress.


60 minutes steady assault bike – recovery / chill time.

Mini circuit of crunches / leg raises / superman / hollow hold


3*30 minute bike ride

Dumbbell shoulder press 4*5, 1*10 all at 60lb dumbells


Bench press 5*5@100kg

Incline Dumbbell press 4*10@60lb dumbbells


2 rounds; 10 strict toes to bar – 10 cross body knee raises – 10 leg raises


Deadlifts 5*5

150-160-160(4 reps)-150-150kg  Back feeling a little tight so listened to my body and backed off slightly.

Barbell rows all @60kg

10 supinated grip horizontal back

10 pronated grip horizontal back

20 shrugs

10 supinated grip 45 degree back

10 pronated grip 45 degree back

20 shrugs


Rest day – 100% Daddy Daughter time πŸ™‚



3*20 bar dips at the park.


Work to a 5 rep rep max – 5@140kg – last rep was a bit sketchy but pleased with this

5*3@120kg – working on speed and form

Week of Monday 29062020

Thiccccc A lot of my work is around resilience and becoming a stronger human better able to deal with life. One of the best things you can do for health and injury resilience is to build a strong back. The better you protect your spine with strength and muscle the more injure resistant it will be! This will minimise your chances of back injuries making you a more resilient human overall.

I can’t remember the stats but a huge amount of time off is due to back pain. Protect your back, do more, have more pain free fun with your friends and family!


5*10 strict handstand press up

5*10 Arnold press

2 rounds; 10 strict toes to bar – 10 cross body knee raises – 10 leg raises

3*30 minute cycle rides


Dumbbell rows 5*10 @90lb

Pull ups 6*8 (alternate pull up / chin up each set)

5*5 clean and press with 40kg sandbag


45 minutes assault bike – 10 mins slow – 30 mins fast – 5 mins slow


Dumbbell Deadlift workout all with 90lb dumbbells

6 rounds;

10 RDL (dumbbell in each hand)

5 suitcase DL each side (dumbbell in one hand)

10 DL (dumbbell in each hand)

2 rounds; 10 strict toes to bar – 10 cross body knee raises – 10 leg raises


Bench press 5*5

Incline dumbbell press 4*10

Decline press ups 4*12

Diamond press ups 4*12

Dumbbell bicep curls

100KB swings


Rest day – 100% Daddy Daughter time πŸ™‚


Back Squat 10*10@100kg – keep movement fast and fluid.  2 mins rest between sets. (Afternoon)

Throw a 65kg bag over my shoulder – 50 reps.  Sets of 6 or 4 reps. (Evening)

Warmed up with some skipping – not done that for a while!

Week of Monday 22062020

Just hanging around… Been reading up a bit on shoulder joint health. Apparently our shoulder joints are the same as monkeys / apes. What do they do that we don’t? Hang around literally. A lot. We sit. We do pressing movements etc. We don’t hang off stuff much. Some good research suggests that many shoulder problems can be fixed by just hanging.

Most days I hit 2-4 rounds of 30 seconds hanging relaxed from a bar. Dead hang, no need for ‘active shoulders’ or whatever. Vary the grip.

Plus start them young πŸ™‚ I never try to force her to do anything, but I love it when she sees us working out and wants to get involved – spent some time running up and down and doing KB swings!


Shoulder press 5*8@50kg

Upright row 4*10@40kg

Bicep curl 4*10@40kg

2 rounds;

10 strict toes to bar – 10 cross body knee raises – 10 leg raises

Max effort hang from bar *2


Banded Deadlift 5*10@100kg – Band round waist – working on speed and driving hips forward

Barbell rows 4*8

2*30 min cycle ride


Assault bike 45 mins at a slightly uncomfortable pace

Bench press 4*10@80kg

Incline dumbbell press 6*10@24kg dumbbells – done at 2 different inclines.

Tricep extensions 3*10

Diamond press ups 3*12


11 rounds

60m carry 65kg sandbag

60m carry 40kg sandbag

Rest 90 seconds between rounds

30 squats with 40kg sandbag (unbroken)


6 sets of pull ups – aim for 12 reps per set.

Bicep curls 3 sets of 21s@30kg

Bicep dumbbell curls 3*10

2 rounds;

10 strict toes to bar

10 cross body knee raises

10 leg raises


Rest day – 100% Daddy Daughter time πŸ™‚


Build to a 1RM

143kg – 1 rep new PB (previously 140kg) – was a pretty casual rep

150kg – 1 rep PB! This was more of a struggle!

Long walk.

Week of Monday 15062020

Another week, another set of workouts πŸ™‚ playing catch up for the last months, then we’ll be down to one weekly workouts post, along with a post or two about security, people and resilience etc.

This will hopefully work well, and will allow me to be much more authentic and a broad range of the things I want to talk about will all be in one place! I hope you enjoy the ride.


2*~30 minute bike rides

Bench press 5*2@110kg


10 incline press ups

10 decline press ups

10 diamond press ups

10 tricep extensions


Pre Breakfast;


KB swings – Squats – Burpees – Situps


Strict handstand press ups 5*10

Arnold Shoulder press 6*8

Shoulder accessories


Deadlift 5*5@150kg

Good mornings 5*7@50kg


Assault bike 35 seconds work, 25 seconds rest 35 rounds (35 minutes work)


5*10 strict toes to bar

5*10 pull ups

6*10 barbell rows – alternate pronated and supinated grip


Rest day – 100% Daddy Daughter time πŸ™‚


Squats 5*5 @130kg

80 lunges unbroken

Week of Monday 08062020

Always warm up. General warm up to raise the heart rate and prep the body for work, then specific warm up for the body parts and movement patterns you’ll be hitting in the workout.

Always cool down. Ease off with some slow cycling / walking and some stretching / mobility.

For this blog I’m only listing the main lifts and top weights – Assume I’ve warmed up and done some warm up sets before I hit these weights. You should do the same. Plus remember it’s always form first – only move weights you can do so safely.


Pull Ups – accumulate 60 reps

Bicep curls 4*10@40kg (barbell)

Core Finisher


3*30 minute cycle rides


Deadlift 5*7@140kg

Pendlay row 5*5@90kg

40kg sandbag lunges 3*16

Weighted walk


Strict press 10*3@60kg

Upright row 4*6@40kg

Shoulder accessories

4*10 strict toes to bar


Assault bike 10 min steady

30 seconds max effort, 2 mins rest *7

5 min cool down

5 minute AMRAP

40kg sandbag throw over shoulder



Rest day – 100% Daddy Daughter time πŸ™‚


Tempo Pause Squats 5*3@125kg – 3 seconds down, 3 seconds pause at the bottom, drive up.

80 unbroken lunges

Hour walk

Week of Monday 01062020

Restarting this as I have been absolutely terrible at documenting my workouts and progress! Some free philosophy below as well πŸ˜‰

Hopefully this serious will prove useful and maybe inspirational to some people looking to get into being more healthy. I’m currently 45, have a full time non-sports job and an awesome daughter, along with a great (and understanding partner!). So if nothing else this will hopefully show that you can manage a busy life, not be 20 and still fit in strength / fitness gains.

Focus / working out what you want is also key to progressing – especially if you’re not a full time athlete – you can’t improve everything all at once! I spent several years wanting to get stronger (well saying I wanted to get stronger) while doing several high intensity workouts each week. Basically span my wheels and made minimal if any out right strength gains.

Over the last year / 18 months I actually stepped back, and reduced the ‘fitness’ considerably to actually enable my body to get stronger. This has paid dividends and I’ve maintained probably 85/90% of my fitness while gaining 10kg and getting a lot stronger. Even more importantly than pure strength I’ve also become more healthy and resilient.


Deadlift work to 1RM – 400lb for 3 singles.  

20 minute jog


Pull ups – 


Chin ups


Barbell Rows


Core finisher πŸ™‚


Squat 5*3@120kg

2 hour walk in 20kg vest


Assault bike 45mins at a slightly uncomfortable pace

2 rounds

20 lying leg raises

20 crunches

20 side to sides

20 supermans


10 rounds;

5 Squats with 65kg sandbag

20m 65kg sandbag carry

Sprint back

1 min rest between rounds

Shoulder press 5*5@60kg

Front/side/rear delt raises


Rest day – 100% Daddy Daughter time πŸ™‚


Squats – build to q 20 rep max

21 reps @120kg (lost could so added an extra to be sure then checked the video!)