Week of Monday 21092020

Strange week – seemed to keep getting busy and not hitting enough gym / lifting. Did have 2 really good sessions at the gym though, plus a little sandbag work which has been neglected for a while.

Hit 3 Jujitsu classes again – really loving both the learning and friendly atmosphere at the club!

Most importantly managed to give Mollie some early birthday ‘party’ fun – we had 3 people over on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, so she got to see lots of friends and have some mini parties πŸ™‚


Some pull ups and dips (forgot to write this up until the end of the week doh)

JuJitsu class


7 mile bike ride

7 mile walk (got a puncture and forgot a spare inner tube!)

Jujitsu class


Sandbag work

1 min high knee marching + 5 squats holding 40kg bag

5*1 min high knee marching + 5 squats holding 65kg bag

Jujitsu class


Deadlift 2*6@100, 5@140, 5@160, 4*5@170kg.  Beltless for all apart from the 170s. (Second set was 6 reps as lost count)


3*10 strict press @50 + 7 side-front-rear delt raises @8kg dumbbells

Back – seated row 2 grips – 6+6 reps @40kg each side, 3*6+6 reps @50kg each side

Leg press 

15@ 50, 100, 150, 200kg

20@200kg (weight added to the press)

40 minutes steady cross trainer – easy pace, just to move for a bit


Press ups and arms

Mols birthday part 1


Park and Mols birthday part 2


Mols birthday part 3!


Squat – 2*5@100, 5@120, 4*5@135kg (135 with belt, rest beltless)

Bench – 2*8@60, 6@80, 3@100, 3*3@110kg

Deadlift – 10@70, 10@110, 3*10@130kg (rump pump πŸ˜‰ (all DLs beltless)

Week of Monday 14092020

Another solid week – loving how the Squats are moving at the moment! Clear reminder that it is all about focus and not chasing all the things all the time. As seems to be the way, many “truths” extend widely, focusing on goals and not having too many is a sure way to make more progress and have more success in most aspects of life and profession – not just fitness.

Loving the Jujitsu as well – cant recommend St. Albans BJJ highly enough – super friendly and welcoming club!


Cycle to gym

Squats 2*5@100, 5@120, 5*5@130kg

Dumbbell bench press 10@18, 30, 8@34, 5*8@40kg (each hand)

Jujitsu class


Cycle to gym

Deadlifts 2*5@100, 5@120, 3@140, 1@160,180. Fail 200 twice. 3*180, 1@180

3 sets – 3 Deadlift@140+20KB swings@24kg

100 Walking lunges (unbroken)

Jujitsu class


Some mobility and rest πŸ™‚


Assault bike

3 mins @59-60rpm

Rest 2 mins

3 mins @62-63rpm

Rest 2 mins

3 mins @64-66rpm

Rest 2 mins

Repeat 3 times

Jujitsu class


All the 50s

Barbell row supinated grip @60kg. 30+20

Barbell row pronated grip @60k. 26+16+15

Shoulder press @40kg. 24+16+15

Press ups 32+18 just had to shake off and start again

Squats 50

Bicep curl @20kg. 30+20

Overhead tricep extension @20kg. 50


Running around with the mini me πŸ™‚


Cycle to / from gym

Squat – 2*5@100, 3@120, 5*3@140kg – PB with this weight

Bench press – 8@60, 8@80, 6@90, 3*6@100kg

Week of Monday 07092020

Forget the training, this was Mollie’s first ever week at school! So proud, apart from a melt down on one day she did so well, and even that day once she was in school she was fine! Image is on her way to school and a cheeky cookie after her first day πŸ™‚

Also started Jujitsu with Mira this week – St. Albans BJJ. Such a friendly club and so awesome to be back doing martial arts again! Love constantly learning new things and improving on what I know, it’s an old addage, but if you are standing still you are going backwards!

Another analogy I love is the blade – a sharp blade soon becomes blunt if you don’t hone it regularly. Learn, practice, develop and stay sharp in what’s important to you! But also make time for play – for me sport and martial arts etc are play, they are how I wind down, even if I’m also learning, I find this really helps my focus and drive on the more ‘work’ like things in life (even though I am lucky enough to enjoy most of my work!).

Really pleased with how things are moving, weights I used to grind out are moving super smoothly for multiple sets and reps #progress


1st Jujitsu class πŸ™‚

4*10 side – front – rear delt raises with single 8kg kettlebell (4 sets each arm)

Superset 5*12 cross body bicep curls + 12 overhead tricep extension – with single 12kg kettlebell (5 sets each arm)


Super set triceps dips + chin ups (supinated grip)

Triceps 5*15

Chin ups 10-10-8-8-8

60 twists + 60 side to sides (random core machines in the park)

4*12 leg raises on dip station

10km fast on assault bike (sub 16 mins including warm up minute) ~63rpm

2nd Jujitsu class!


Cycle to gym

5*10 deadlift @120kg – control down, fast up

Seated back / row machine 5*5+5 (5 reps one grip, immediately into 5 reps with a different grip – machine has 3 different handles) @50kg each side.


JuJitsu class


Cycle to gym

7 mins moderate pace of cross trainer / ski thing

Alternating sets of shoulder press and leg press

Leg press – 10@70, 8@120-170-220, 3*8@270kg

Shoulder press – 10@20, 8@30, 6@40, 5@50-55-60, 5*5@62.5


Rest day with the epic mini me and family πŸ™‚


Drop mols off, been a bit off colour this weekend so no squats today. But hit the park for a mini session;

Alternate sets – pull ups + dips

Pull ups – 12-12-10-10-10

Dips 20-20-20-20-20

Really pleased with how the pull ups felt.

Week of Monday 310820

Ended the week with a big day for squats, most volume at that weight ever. Also had a fun partner sled session, not hit the sled since before lockdown, so that was fun!

The squats are a good reminder to always celebrate the wins – it doesn’t only have to be lifetime PB lifts – a few extra reps at a weight, a slightly faster time than last month, or even just turning up when you had every excuse ready not to.

Apply this to all areas of your life – have you done something new at work? Did your team deal really well with an issue – supporting them will really help morale. Did you get your child to school on time everyday while also keeping on top of your job? F*cking celebrate your achievements, and those around you.

Final thought, which is somewhat related – does celebrating and supporting those around you ever harm or hamper your own progress and success? No it doesn’t so celebrate yourself and your teams, but also support those around you. You can make someones day by bigging them up publicly or privately (it’s for them, not the likes remember). As Chris Williams of Modern wisdom puts it so well #gasyourmatesup !

Slight ramble this week, but I think important stuff.


35 mins Assault bike – 21km – relatively hard work at consistent pace, + sped up for the last 2 mins to ~90% effort

Long walk


10 rounds 2*15 yard sled push + 5 box jumps

9 rounds @80kg on the sled + 30” jumps

Last round 80kg on the sled and Mira! + 30” jumps

Biceps and triceps

12 curls @14kg dumbbells – 12 rope pull downs @21kg

12 hammer curls @14kg dumbbells + 12 rope overhead extensions @21kg

*3 rounds (so 6 sets for bis and 6 sets for tris)


Rest / mobility


Park gym 10 rounds;

5 pull ups + 10 dips.  Focus on tempo and control.


25 mins moderate effort cross trainer.

Leg press 8@200 4*8@220kg superset with 5*16 front rack lunges @32kg dumbbell.


100 single arm KB press each arm @16kg


100 single arm KB row each arm @32kg


Friday pump! πŸ™‚


Rest day – 100% Daddy Daughter time πŸ™‚


Usual post dropping mols off gym session.

Just squats and bench, deadlift tomorrow.



3*3 tempo pause @100kg

Bench press


4*30 second dead hang to open shoulders. 2 pronated, 2 supinated grip.

Week of Monday 24082020

Everyone gets ill sometimes – pretty much nothing you can do about that other than looking after yourself, not beating yourself up, and knowing that (most of the time) you’ll be better pretty soon. I tend to be bad at recognising when there is too much going on, so sometimes my body has to tell me to slow down for a little bit!

Between moving, upcoming job change, and having to fight to see more of my daughter I’ve been coping with a lot of stress, combine that with less sleep over the last couple of weeks, it’s not surprising something had to give.

Listen to your body (and mind), give yourself downtime – both physically and mentally, the less ill or injured you are, the more progress you’ll make!

Monday – Wednesday

Some random stomach bug πŸ™


Dips- 20-22-22-22-22

Strict toes to bar – 12-12-12-10-10


10 mins 95% effort cross trainer

Front squat 5@60, 5@80, 3@90, 2*3@100, 10@60kg

Strict press 10@30, 10@40, 3*8@50kg

Pendlay row – 10@70, 8@80, 4*5@90kg.Β  Tempo row – 10@70kg

Leg press 10@100, 10@150, 4*10@200kg (weight on the press, no idea what actual weight was!)


Rest day – 100% Daddy Daughter time πŸ™‚


Squat – bench – deadlift day.  Only had 55 mins before the gym closed after dropping Mollie off so kept it quick and simple 5*5 for all 3 @~80%

Squat – 5*5@120kg

Bench 5*5@95kg

Deadlift 5*5@150kg

Week of Monday 17082020

A lot of work this week, with many hours of painting / decorating most days on top of working. Managed a reasonable amount of workouts around the labor, also managed to pain almost a whole house… Worked on my calluses as well!

Happy with the Sunday session, solid squats and heaviest pause deadlifts I’ve ever done πŸ™‚

As always. listen to your body – you won’t be able to hit the gym as hard when you’re doing many hours more work than normal – do what you can, make sure you move and try to fit in some mobility. You’ll be back to it as soon as things calm down.

This weeks image because I spent basically all week inside so missing some outdoor sun!




10km hard on assault bike (after painting until about 10pm)


60 mins steady assault bike



500 KB swings@24kg break as needed – no max out sets – move fast.


100 strict pull ups / chin ups – swap grip each set and break up as needed


Squat-Bench-Deadlift day – at nuffield as short on time

Squat – 3@120, 3@130, 5*3@135. 2*5@110 for speed and form

Bench – 6@80, 90, 2*6@100, 3*6@90

Pause Deadlift – 5@120, 5*5@140

Week of Monday 10082020

Birthday week! Hit the big 46 this week well a couple of weeks ago now as between birthday and moving house I’ve been tardy at maintaining the blog).

Bit of variety as spent a few days working and chilling at a hotel / spa with a pretty decent gym. They even had a barbell and squat rack, although I did manage to max out the weights they had available πŸ˜‰

Still managing to gain strength and resilience despite age and stress so very happy with progress. Focussing on the right goals and remembering to warm up are key to progress and remaining injury free tough wood!).

Week Commencing Monday 10/08/2020


5* 10 barbell row + 12 shrugs @70kg.  (lean slightly forward on shrugs, holding shoulder blades back to work the upper back as well as traps)

120 press ups

120 on bench crunches

120 squats

120 lying leg raises

120 lunges

30 of each 4 times


12 mins stationary bike

3*10 dumbbell shoulder press @26kg (heaviest dumbbells at gym I was in)

4*10 lateral raises @10kg

4*10 cable flies @21kg

4*10 shoulder – raise in front, lower lateral / repeat in reverse

Kicked a punchbag a few times πŸ™‚


25 mins stationary bike

Back squat 3*5@120kg + 3*3 tempo pause squat @90kg – 3 seconds down, 3 second pause, drive up.  (bare feet, no belt or knee sleeves)

3*10 bicep curls @30kg

4*10 tricep rope push downs

500m Max effort ski erg – 1:38


Birthday #46…


Birthday recovery πŸ™‚


Rest day – 100% Daddy Daughter time πŸ™‚


Squat-Bench-Deadlift day – at nuffield as short on time

Squat – 3@120, 3@130, 3*2@140, 2*1@140 (missed second single πŸ™ )

Bench – 5*3@110kg, 1*10@80kg

Deadlift – 5@140, 3@160, bailed on 170, 3*5@140kg

All in 1 hour 15 mins including warm up.  Felt a bit tired especially on the DLs.

Week of Monday 20072020

Getting back into the cold showers. Either having a cold shower, or 30 seconds to a minute cold at the end of a not shower. Certainly wakes me up and makes me feel good, but seemingly a lot of health benefits to this as well. Will keep it up for a while to see if I notice any benefits on top of the immediate ‘wake up’.

Managed another Squat PB – focus on your goals really does pay off!


30 minutes easy assault bike before breakfast – max heart rate 130-135 – recovery not work pace!


Superset Bench press and single arm kettlebell row.  Rows done unsupported – basically short lunge and lean forward keeping back tight – this works the lower back and core much better than when you lean on a bench or whatever.

Sets – 10@60kg bench press + 6*32kg rows each arm

7@80kg + 6*32kg rows each arm

5@100kg + 6*32kg rows each arm

5*5@104kg (Mira was using 24kg) + 6*32kg rows each arm after each set


20 minute pre breakfast jog

Easy day, felt tired.


Lunchtime – Assault bike Intervals. 5 mins warm up.  6 rounds 30s max effort, 90s slow.  5 mins cool down.  Ouch!

Evening – Shoulders – dumbbell press – 20@20kg, 20@30kg, 20@40kg, 18@50kg, 15@50kg

KB upright rows – 2*10@32kg KB (both hands), 2*10@16kg KB (each hand)

Side lat raises to finish – 3*20 – light but controlled

Pendulum lunges – new one for me 1*6 each lech with 16kg KB on the shoulder of β€˜moving’ leg.  3*6@40kg sandbag – leg burner and great for the core!


2*~30min bike rides.  Second 30 mins – nasal only breathing

Pull ups (palms facing away) – 5*10

Chin ups (palms facing towards) – 3*10


Mini yoga class with the podcast team (remote of course)

5*10 strict toes to bar

Pause deadlift – pause at a couple of inches off the ground – then complete the lift.

5*60,60,100kg 3*5@120kg

5*5 barbell row – tempe – 3 -1-3 (3 seconds up, pause, 2 down) @60kg


Rest day – 100% Daddy Daughter time πŸ™‚


Back squat – work up to a max single

Warm up – Kang squats @20 and 40kg.

Squats – 10@60, 5@80, 5@100, 3@115, 2@125, 2@135, 1@145, 1@155kg – PB πŸ™‚Β  need to work on posture a little – too upright on the way down and upper back rounded a bit on the way up.

Back off sets – 3*3 pause squats @120kg

Week of Monday 06072020

Was feeling a bit battered this week so lighter week in terms of volume to allow me to recover. Ended the week with a solid 5 rep max PB on the squat so doing something right!

Sometimes even when you want to hit it hard you have to listen to your body and rest / ease back slightly. Your body will thank you in the long run, and your progress will actually be quicker – rest and some progress is WAY faster than injury and going backwards.

Consistency. Resilience. Progress.


60 minutes steady assault bike – recovery / chill time.

Mini circuit of crunches / leg raises / superman / hollow hold


3*30 minute bike ride

Dumbbell shoulder press 4*5, 1*10 all at 60lb dumbells


Bench press 5*5@100kg

Incline Dumbbell press 4*10@60lb dumbbells


2 rounds; 10 strict toes to bar – 10 cross body knee raises – 10 leg raises


Deadlifts 5*5

150-160-160(4 reps)-150-150kg  Back feeling a little tight so listened to my body and backed off slightly.

Barbell rows all @60kg

10 supinated grip horizontal back

10 pronated grip horizontal back

20 shrugs

10 supinated grip 45 degree back

10 pronated grip 45 degree back

20 shrugs


Rest day – 100% Daddy Daughter time πŸ™‚



3*20 bar dips at the park.


Work to a 5 rep rep max – 5@140kg – last rep was a bit sketchy but pleased with this

5*3@120kg – working on speed and form

Week of Monday 29062020

Thiccccc A lot of my work is around resilience and becoming a stronger human better able to deal with life. One of the best things you can do for health and injury resilience is to build a strong back. The better you protect your spine with strength and muscle the more injure resistant it will be! This will minimise your chances of back injuries making you a more resilient human overall.

I can’t remember the stats but a huge amount of time off is due to back pain. Protect your back, do more, have more pain free fun with your friends and family!


5*10 strict handstand press up

5*10 Arnold press

2 rounds; 10 strict toes to bar – 10 cross body knee raises – 10 leg raises

3*30 minute cycle rides


Dumbbell rows 5*10 @90lb

Pull ups 6*8 (alternate pull up / chin up each set)

5*5 clean and press with 40kg sandbag


45 minutes assault bike – 10 mins slow – 30 mins fast – 5 mins slow


Dumbbell Deadlift workout all with 90lb dumbbells

6 rounds;

10 RDL (dumbbell in each hand)

5 suitcase DL each side (dumbbell in one hand)

10 DL (dumbbell in each hand)

2 rounds; 10 strict toes to bar – 10 cross body knee raises – 10 leg raises


Bench press 5*5

Incline dumbbell press 4*10

Decline press ups 4*12

Diamond press ups 4*12

Dumbbell bicep curls

100KB swings


Rest day – 100% Daddy Daughter time πŸ™‚


Back Squat 10*10@100kg – keep movement fast and fluid.  2 mins rest between sets. (Afternoon)

Throw a 65kg bag over my shoulder – 50 reps.  Sets of 6 or 4 reps. (Evening)

Warmed up with some skipping – not done that for a while!