RSA Conference Europe 2012 – first impressions

As we sit down for the conference introduction and first keynote speeches I thought I’d share my first impressions of the conference.

This is certainly a much slicker and more professionally run event than the service technology symposium I recently attended.  Given the size of both the organisers (RSA / EMC) and the exhibitors (Microsoft, Symantec, Qualys etc.) this is I suspect to be expected.  The only blight on the event for me so far was my mistake of buying a ridiculously overpriced Costa coffee (£4.40 for a regular latte anyone) when I could have grabbed a free one outside of the keynote room!  So the first lesson of the day is never use a Costa that is in a hotel.. and they don’t even give you points on your costa card..

Onto more interesting matters, there are a lot of great keynotes and presentations lined up over the next 3 days with keynotes from heavyweights such as Bruce Schneier and Jimmy Wales, presentations covering everything from secure agile development to in depth research into recent hacks, book signings and even a hactivist movie on Wednesday evening.

In a similar manner to my last conference I’ll provide overviews of the days along with more in depth details of some of the better / more interesting talks.  Look out for several upcoming posts on the themes of the conference!


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