Linus Torvalds interview on BBC website

Linux creator Linus Torvalds was recently awarded the Millennium Technology Prize by his home country of Finland.  Shortly before receiving the award he gave an interesting interview to the BBC titled;

Linus Torvalds: Linux succeeded thanks to selfishness and trust

The interview can be found on the BBC News website here;


Hackers outwit on-line banking security

If you ever doubted either the inventiveness of criminals, or the need for taking sensible security precautions this story should be a wake up call;

Hackers have developed ‘Man in the Browser’ attacks that potentially allow them to circumvent even the relatively new 2-factor chip and pin security many banks now implement.  These attacks also have the potential to at least temporarily evade protection such as AV software and any blacklists as they will redirect to new sites that are not yet known by security firms.

In short stay vigilant, keep your computer(s) protected and up to date, and always use security software such as anti virus etc.  And as documented by Bruce Schneier several years ago we need to look at authenticating each transaction.