Week of Monday 19102020

Getting into the new job so a bit of a random week – just fitting things in when I can! Managed to move every day, even if it was only one exercise and a walk / stretch or whatever. Key for me as always it to try and be consistent, and to fit moving in when I can!

Loving having the rig in the garden again – it might be cold and wet, but

I can still fir training into small time windows 🙂

Be flexible, if you are short on time / space / equipment or whatever, just do what you can and keep the movement habit alive!


Jiu Jitsu class



4*10 bicep curl with 16kg KB

4*10 tricep extension with 16kg KB

3*20 diamond push ups

3*21s with 16kg KB

Jiu Jitsu class


~5 miles of walking

5*20 suitcase deadlift with 32kg KB (100 reps each side)

100 squat + front kick – unbroken, alternate leg kicks each squat

Some mobility work


Jujitsu class

4*10 KB single arm shoulder press @24kg KB (4 sets each arm)


Bench press 3*10@80kg – control down, fast up – working on explosive power

20 minutes Assault bike – 12.3KM – steady ~60rpm.  Would it up for the last 2 minutes.


Mols, and three nieces / nephews over – mad house!

Pause Deadlift (brief pause about 2 inches off the ground) 4*6@140kg

Switch sides of the bar after 3 reps – lifting on a slight slope at the side of the house!

Some extra mobility work.


Squat 8*8@110kg

Bit of mobility