VMWare Crib Sheets

I stumbled across this excellent VMWare blog called vReference that I wanted to share;


This is overall an excellent blog written by a guy called Forbes Guthrie who has in depth VMWare knowledge and has even written (in conjunction with others) books on the topic.  This blog covers many VMWare / vSphere related topics from SAN booting to Windows clustering.

Of particular note are the reference cards he creates that are incredibly useful and cover a surprising amount of detail from maximum guest sizes to maximum numbers of hosts in a cluster through many useful command line installation options, storage management, and using vCentre..

vSphere 5 reference card can be found here;


vSphere 4.1 reference card can be found here;


He even still has the 4.0 card for anyone yet to upgrade from this version.  I very much recommend move to a more current version in the near future if you are still on 4.0 as you’ll get many benefits in all areas from performance to BCP/DR to scalability and management!  4.0 card can be found here;