ISEB Enterprise and Solutions Architecture – update

Following from my previous post I can confirm that the exam was pretty easy having got a pretty reasonable passing mark after completing the exam in ~25 minutes.

I have yet to see many job specs that require this certification so I don’t know how CV enhancing it really is.  However many job specs want knowledge of or familiarity with architecture frameworks such as TOGAF and Zachman, if you are not already fairly familiar with these then this course does provide a good overview and comparison of some frameworks.

Overall my assessment of the course / exam is as before – I think well worth while from the point of view of getting an overview of various architecture frameworks and the terminologies used, as well as meeting people from a variety of business backgrounds.  This should assist with any requirement for knowledge of architecture frameworks / methodologies your current or future roles have.  The caveat in terms of career value is that the certification itself seems to be in very low demand.


2 thoughts on “ISEB Enterprise and Solutions Architecture – update”

  1. Hi Kevin
    Thank you for your sharing information on your blog – which I am interested in pursuing a same exam myself and wondering whether there are any self-study books that you use or would recommend.
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Nay,

      There are a few relevant documents on the BCS / ISEB websites. If you read and understand the contents of ‘Reference Model for ISEB Certificates in Enterprise and Solution Architecture’ pdf that can be found here;
      This contains enough to pass the exam.
      I would recommend a course though – the exam is actually fairly easy if you work in a solutions / architecture function and have some exposure to the various frameworks (TOGAF / Zachman etc). However I got quite a lot from the course in terms of different viewpoints and different peoples understanding as we has analysts, coders and architects from various industries on the course I attended.
      If your aim is more about passing the exam then as mentioned the linked pdf above with ideally some general reading about architectural methods / frameworks should be enough 🙂



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