Kill your clone*

*Borrowed from Ethan Suplee

Stop worrying about making huge jumps and focus on just making progress.

The premise – everyday a clone is made of you. You fight yesterday’s clone at the end of today. You only have to be the tiniest bit better to win. Kill your clone every day.

I love this concept – so often we chase the big breakthrough or the next big thing. How often have you beaten yourself up for not achieving enough or not hitting some arbitrary goal?

How often have you compared yourself to an ‘overnight success’ and wondered why you haven’t made that leap, while forgetting the the overnight success is likely result of thousands of hours of work before it happened?

The key to success in pretty much all aspects of life is consistent, realistic and hopefully predictable (at least to some extent) progress.

Not only do you need to focus on the process of continuous progress, but also get great at celebrating the wins, even small ones. In the world of lifting things, a 1kg personal best is 1kg more than you have ever lifted. Celebrate this!

In the world of security a win could be a reduction in the average time to patch, or your programme being approved, or even a component of your programme being approved, or hiring an awesome new member of the team etc.

It’s too easy to get caught up in what we have not done and how much we have to do, and forget the progress we have made. One of the things we try to do as a team is to highlight our progress and regularly look back at where we were 3/6/12 months ago. This is a really great tool for reminding your teams just how much you have achieved!

Security is hard. We all work hard, we feel a lot of pressure. Many of us worry – is a breach coming, we have so much to do, will our organisation stand by us if there is a breach etc.

Focusing on what you are achieving, on the progress you are making. Keep aiming for continuous progress, break all your big goals into small achievable chunks. Celebrate the wins – not just for yourself, but with your team!

For me this approach really helps my own morale and helps me make progress in all areas of life. In the work environment really promoting and celebrating progress works wonders for your teams morale and how engaged they are in achieving their goals.


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