Week of Monday 01062020

Restarting this as I have been absolutely terrible at documenting my workouts and progress! Some free philosophy below as well πŸ˜‰

Hopefully this serious will prove useful and maybe inspirational to some people looking to get into being more healthy. I’m currently 45, have a full time non-sports job and an awesome daughter, along with a great (and understanding partner!). So if nothing else this will hopefully show that you can manage a busy life, not be 20 and still fit in strength / fitness gains.

Focus / working out what you want is also key to progressing – especially if you’re not a full time athlete – you can’t improve everything all at once! I spent several years wanting to get stronger (well saying I wanted to get stronger) while doing several high intensity workouts each week. Basically span my wheels and made minimal if any out right strength gains.

Over the last year / 18 months I actually stepped back, and reduced the ‘fitness’ considerably to actually enable my body to get stronger. This has paid dividends and I’ve maintained probably 85/90% of my fitness while gaining 10kg and getting a lot stronger. Even more importantly than pure strength I’ve also become more healthy and resilient.


Deadlift work to 1RM – 400lb for 3 singles.  

20 minute jog


Pull ups – 


Chin ups


Barbell Rows


Core finisher πŸ™‚


Squat 5*3@120kg

2 hour walk in 20kg vest


Assault bike 45mins at a slightly uncomfortable pace

2 rounds

20 lying leg raises

20 crunches

20 side to sides

20 supermans


10 rounds;

5 Squats with 65kg sandbag

20m 65kg sandbag carry

Sprint back

1 min rest between rounds

Shoulder press 5*5@60kg

Front/side/rear delt raises


Rest day – 100% Daddy Daughter time πŸ™‚


Squats – build to q 20 rep max

21 reps @120kg (lost could so added an extra to be sure then checked the video!)

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