Week of Monday 07092020

Forget the training, this was Mollie’s first ever week at school! So proud, apart from a melt down on one day she did so well, and even that day once she was in school she was fine! Image is on her way to school and a cheeky cookie after her first day 🙂

Also started Jujitsu with Mira this week – St. Albans BJJ. Such a friendly club and so awesome to be back doing martial arts again! Love constantly learning new things and improving on what I know, it’s an old addage, but if you are standing still you are going backwards!

Another analogy I love is the blade – a sharp blade soon becomes blunt if you don’t hone it regularly. Learn, practice, develop and stay sharp in what’s important to you! But also make time for play – for me sport and martial arts etc are play, they are how I wind down, even if I’m also learning, I find this really helps my focus and drive on the more ‘work’ like things in life (even though I am lucky enough to enjoy most of my work!).

Really pleased with how things are moving, weights I used to grind out are moving super smoothly for multiple sets and reps #progress


1st Jujitsu class 🙂

4*10 side – front – rear delt raises with single 8kg kettlebell (4 sets each arm)

Superset 5*12 cross body bicep curls + 12 overhead tricep extension – with single 12kg kettlebell (5 sets each arm)


Super set triceps dips + chin ups (supinated grip)

Triceps 5*15

Chin ups 10-10-8-8-8

60 twists + 60 side to sides (random core machines in the park)

4*12 leg raises on dip station

10km fast on assault bike (sub 16 mins including warm up minute) ~63rpm

2nd Jujitsu class!


Cycle to gym

5*10 deadlift @120kg – control down, fast up

Seated back / row machine 5*5+5 (5 reps one grip, immediately into 5 reps with a different grip – machine has 3 different handles) @50kg each side.


JuJitsu class


Cycle to gym

7 mins moderate pace of cross trainer / ski thing

Alternating sets of shoulder press and leg press

Leg press – 10@70, 8@120-170-220, 3*8@270kg

Shoulder press – 10@20, 8@30, 6@40, 5@50-55-60, 5*5@62.5


Rest day with the epic mini me and family 🙂


Drop mols off, been a bit off colour this weekend so no squats today. But hit the park for a mini session;

Alternate sets – pull ups + dips

Pull ups – 12-12-10-10-10

Dips 20-20-20-20-20

Really pleased with how the pull ups felt.

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