Week of Monday 08062020

Always warm up. General warm up to raise the heart rate and prep the body for work, then specific warm up for the body parts and movement patterns you’ll be hitting in the workout.

Always cool down. Ease off with some slow cycling / walking and some stretching / mobility.

For this blog I’m only listing the main lifts and top weights – Assume I’ve warmed up and done some warm up sets before I hit these weights. You should do the same. Plus remember it’s always form first – only move weights you can do so safely.


Pull Ups – accumulate 60 reps

Bicep curls 4*10@40kg (barbell)

Core Finisher


3*30 minute cycle rides


Deadlift 5*7@140kg

Pendlay row 5*5@90kg

40kg sandbag lunges 3*16

Weighted walk


Strict press 10*3@60kg

Upright row 4*6@40kg

Shoulder accessories

4*10 strict toes to bar


Assault bike 10 min steady

30 seconds max effort, 2 mins rest *7

5 min cool down

5 minute AMRAP

40kg sandbag throw over shoulder



Rest day – 100% Daddy Daughter time 🙂


Tempo Pause Squats 5*3@125kg – 3 seconds down, 3 seconds pause at the bottom, drive up.

80 unbroken lunges

Hour walk

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