Week of Monday 12102020

Really getting into the Jujitsu – love learning, also a massive lesson in being humble. The gap between new and people who have some experience is huge – be patient, be respectful and learn from repeated practice – there is a lesson for life right there!

Learnt a lesson though – heavy squats followed by 7 * 7 minute rounds of rolling was too much – literally had nothing at all the last couple of rounds.

PS – sometimes it’s all about the cake!


2 hours Jujitsu – 1 NoGi, 1 Gi.


Jujitsu class


Longish walk

Shoulders; 5*10 single arm standing shoulder press @25kg 

3*10 side lateral raise @11/12kg (25lb)

3*8 front lateral raise + rear delt raise @11/12kg


Single arm overhead lunges with 16kg Kettlebell – 3*20+20 (20 each arm, no rest between the 20+20)


4*10 pull ups, 2*10 chin ups

6*10 dips (3 second down, fast up)

Jujitsu class + open mat


Rest day mostly, fair amount of walking


Back squat

3@100, 2@120, 1@140, 1@160kg (PB, but not quite deep enough) fail second attempt at 160.

Back off sets – 3@140, 5@120 (hitting depth and speed)

Barbell rows

Pendlay rows – 3*5@100kg

Rows – 2*10@70kg

Jiu Jitsu open mat – 5 decent rounds, 2 very poor ones – was knackered.  7 minute rounds are long!

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