Week of Monday 14092020

Another solid week – loving how the Squats are moving at the moment! Clear reminder that it is all about focus and not chasing all the things all the time. As seems to be the way, many “truths” extend widely, focusing on goals and not having too many is a sure way to make more progress and have more success in most aspects of life and profession – not just fitness.

Loving the Jujitsu as well – cant recommend St. Albans BJJ highly enough – super friendly and welcoming club!


Cycle to gym

Squats 2*5@100, 5@120, 5*5@130kg

Dumbbell bench press 10@18, 30, 8@34, 5*8@40kg (each hand)

Jujitsu class


Cycle to gym

Deadlifts 2*5@100, 5@120, 3@140, 1@160,180. Fail 200 twice. 3*180, 1@180

3 sets – 3 Deadlift@140+20KB swings@24kg

100 Walking lunges (unbroken)

Jujitsu class


Some mobility and rest 🙂


Assault bike

3 mins @59-60rpm

Rest 2 mins

3 mins @62-63rpm

Rest 2 mins

3 mins @64-66rpm

Rest 2 mins

Repeat 3 times

Jujitsu class


All the 50s

Barbell row supinated grip @60kg. 30+20

Barbell row pronated grip @60k. 26+16+15

Shoulder press @40kg. 24+16+15

Press ups 32+18 just had to shake off and start again

Squats 50

Bicep curl @20kg. 30+20

Overhead tricep extension @20kg. 50


Running around with the mini me 🙂


Cycle to / from gym

Squat – 2*5@100, 3@120, 5*3@140kg – PB with this weight

Bench press – 8@60, 8@80, 6@90, 3*6@100kg

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