Week of Monday 17082020

A lot of work this week, with many hours of painting / decorating most days on top of working. Managed a reasonable amount of workouts around the labor, also managed to pain almost a whole house… Worked on my calluses as well!

Happy with the Sunday session, solid squats and heaviest pause deadlifts I’ve ever done 🙂

As always. listen to your body – you won’t be able to hit the gym as hard when you’re doing many hours more work than normal – do what you can, make sure you move and try to fit in some mobility. You’ll be back to it as soon as things calm down.

This weeks image because I spent basically all week inside so missing some outdoor sun!




10km hard on assault bike (after painting until about 10pm)


60 mins steady assault bike



500 KB swings@24kg break as needed – no max out sets – move fast.


100 strict pull ups / chin ups – swap grip each set and break up as needed


Squat-Bench-Deadlift day – at nuffield as short on time

Squat – 3@120, 3@130, 5*3@135. 2*5@110 for speed and form

Bench – 6@80, 90, 2*6@100, 3*6@90

Pause Deadlift – 5@120, 5*5@140

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