Week of Monday 21092020

Strange week – seemed to keep getting busy and not hitting enough gym / lifting. Did have 2 really good sessions at the gym though, plus a little sandbag work which has been neglected for a while.

Hit 3 Jujitsu classes again – really loving both the learning and friendly atmosphere at the club!

Most importantly managed to give Mollie some early birthday ‘party’ fun – we had 3 people over on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, so she got to see lots of friends and have some mini parties 🙂


Some pull ups and dips (forgot to write this up until the end of the week doh)

JuJitsu class


7 mile bike ride

7 mile walk (got a puncture and forgot a spare inner tube!)

Jujitsu class


Sandbag work

1 min high knee marching + 5 squats holding 40kg bag

5*1 min high knee marching + 5 squats holding 65kg bag

Jujitsu class


Deadlift 2*6@100, 5@140, 5@160, 4*5@170kg.  Beltless for all apart from the 170s. (Second set was 6 reps as lost count)


3*10 strict press @50 + 7 side-front-rear delt raises @8kg dumbbells

Back – seated row 2 grips – 6+6 reps @40kg each side, 3*6+6 reps @50kg each side

Leg press 

15@ 50, 100, 150, 200kg

20@200kg (weight added to the press)

40 minutes steady cross trainer – easy pace, just to move for a bit


Press ups and arms

Mols birthday part 1


Park and Mols birthday part 2


Mols birthday part 3!


Squat – 2*5@100, 5@120, 4*5@135kg (135 with belt, rest beltless)

Bench – 2*8@60, 6@80, 3@100, 3*3@110kg

Deadlift – 10@70, 10@110, 3*10@130kg (rump pump 😉 (all DLs beltless)

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