Week of Monday 22062020

Just hanging around… Been reading up a bit on shoulder joint health. Apparently our shoulder joints are the same as monkeys / apes. What do they do that we don’t? Hang around literally. A lot. We sit. We do pressing movements etc. We don’t hang off stuff much. Some good research suggests that many shoulder problems can be fixed by just hanging.

Most days I hit 2-4 rounds of 30 seconds hanging relaxed from a bar. Dead hang, no need for ‘active shoulders’ or whatever. Vary the grip.

Plus start them young πŸ™‚ I never try to force her to do anything, but I love it when she sees us working out and wants to get involved – spent some time running up and down and doing KB swings!


Shoulder press 5*8@50kg

Upright row 4*10@40kg

Bicep curl 4*10@40kg

2 rounds;

10 strict toes to bar – 10 cross body knee raises – 10 leg raises

Max effort hang from bar *2


Banded Deadlift 5*10@100kg – Band round waist – working on speed and driving hips forward

Barbell rows 4*8

2*30 min cycle ride


Assault bike 45 mins at a slightly uncomfortable pace

Bench press 4*10@80kg

Incline dumbbell press 6*10@24kg dumbbells – done at 2 different inclines.

Tricep extensions 3*10

Diamond press ups 3*12


11 rounds

60m carry 65kg sandbag

60m carry 40kg sandbag

Rest 90 seconds between rounds

30 squats with 40kg sandbag (unbroken)


6 sets of pull ups – aim for 12 reps per set.

Bicep curls 3 sets of 21s@30kg

Bicep dumbbell curls 3*10

2 rounds;

10 strict toes to bar

10 cross body knee raises

10 leg raises


Rest day – 100% Daddy Daughter time πŸ™‚


Build to a 1RM

143kg – 1 rep new PB (previously 140kg) – was a pretty casual rep

150kg – 1 rep PB! This was more of a struggle!

Long walk.

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