Week of Monday 24082020

Everyone gets ill sometimes – pretty much nothing you can do about that other than looking after yourself, not beating yourself up, and knowing that (most of the time) you’ll be better pretty soon. I tend to be bad at recognising when there is too much going on, so sometimes my body has to tell me to slow down for a little bit!

Between moving, upcoming job change, and having to fight to see more of my daughter I’ve been coping with a lot of stress, combine that with less sleep over the last couple of weeks, it’s not surprising something had to give.

Listen to your body (and mind), give yourself downtime – both physically and mentally, the less ill or injured you are, the more progress you’ll make!

Monday – Wednesday

Some random stomach bug 🙁


Dips- 20-22-22-22-22

Strict toes to bar – 12-12-12-10-10


10 mins 95% effort cross trainer

Front squat 5@60, 5@80, 3@90, 2*3@100, 10@60kg

Strict press 10@30, 10@40, 3*8@50kg

Pendlay row – 10@70, 8@80, 4*5@90kg.  Tempo row – 10@70kg

Leg press 10@100, 10@150, 4*10@200kg (weight on the press, no idea what actual weight was!)


Rest day – 100% Daddy Daughter time 🙂


Squat – bench – deadlift day.  Only had 55 mins before the gym closed after dropping Mollie off so kept it quick and simple 5*5 for all 3 @~80%

Squat – 5*5@120kg

Bench 5*5@95kg

Deadlift 5*5@150kg

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