Week of Monday 28092020

Varied week again, only managed a couple of jujitsu classes, but got the work in 🙂

As always, focusing on strength, movement and resilience. Make use of what is available – Friday / Saturday we in a hotel so just played with the kit that was there. Sometimes you have a plan, sometimes you do what you can.

Stay healthy and strong people – anytime you’re injured or ill will set you back – slow, steady and consistent progress is way way better than going too fast and getting injured or ill.

This weeks photo was my rowing view from the Shard.


Park dips – chin ups – pull ups (5 rounds in this order)

Dips 20-20-20-20-20

Chin ups 10-10-10-10-7

Pull ups – 6-6-6-6-3

Jujitsu class


45 mins steady assault bike


10 rounds 2*15 yard seld push + 15KB swings

Sled push – slow, big steps – focus on time under tension.

KB swings @24kg

5 rounds @80kg, 2@90kg, 3@100kg on sled

Barbell row 5+5 (5 pronated grip, 5 supinated grip) 1@55, 3@75kg

evening bonus – 100 squats holding 40kg sandbag.  2 sets of 50!


Jujitsu class


2k row

4* 10 incline dumbbell press + incline dumbbell fly (20 rep sets) @14kg (biggest dumbbells they had…)

3*8 (each leg) single leg extensions

3*10 (each leg) standing single leg curls


3*10 bicep curl into Arnold press @14kg dumbbells

3*10 overhead triceps extension @14kg dumbbells

3*10 trcicep kick backs @14kg dumbbells

3*10 bicep curls seated on incline bench – 1@10kg, 2@14kg dumbbells

3*10 lateral raises @10kg dumbbells


Rest day / walking around London before picking Mols up for the evening to have her on her birthday before school.

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