Week of Monday 310820

Ended the week with a big day for squats, most volume at that weight ever. Also had a fun partner sled session, not hit the sled since before lockdown, so that was fun!

The squats are a good reminder to always celebrate the wins – it doesn’t only have to be lifetime PB lifts – a few extra reps at a weight, a slightly faster time than last month, or even just turning up when you had every excuse ready not to.

Apply this to all areas of your life – have you done something new at work? Did your team deal really well with an issue – supporting them will really help morale. Did you get your child to school on time everyday while also keeping on top of your job? F*cking celebrate your achievements, and those around you.

Final thought, which is somewhat related – does celebrating and supporting those around you ever harm or hamper your own progress and success? No it doesn’t so celebrate yourself and your teams, but also support those around you. You can make someones day by bigging them up publicly or privately (it’s for them, not the likes remember). As Chris Williams of Modern wisdom puts it so well #gasyourmatesup !

Slight ramble this week, but I think important stuff.


35 mins Assault bike – 21km – relatively hard work at consistent pace, + sped up for the last 2 mins to ~90% effort

Long walk


10 rounds 2*15 yard sled push + 5 box jumps

9 rounds @80kg on the sled + 30” jumps

Last round 80kg on the sled and Mira! + 30” jumps

Biceps and triceps

12 curls @14kg dumbbells – 12 rope pull downs @21kg

12 hammer curls @14kg dumbbells + 12 rope overhead extensions @21kg

*3 rounds (so 6 sets for bis and 6 sets for tris)


Rest / mobility


Park gym 10 rounds;

5 pull ups + 10 dips.  Focus on tempo and control.


25 mins moderate effort cross trainer.

Leg press 8@200 4*8@220kg superset with 5*16 front rack lunges @32kg dumbbell.


100 single arm KB press each arm @16kg


100 single arm KB row each arm @32kg


Friday pump! 🙂


Rest day – 100% Daddy Daughter time 🙂


Usual post dropping mols off gym session.

Just squats and bench, deadlift tomorrow.



3*3 tempo pause @100kg

Bench press


4*30 second dead hang to open shoulders. 2 pronated, 2 supinated grip.

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